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The Top 4 Mistakes Most Musicians Make Online


Sending emails to their mailing list only or mainly when they want to sell something or get people to a gig or other event.

Here's the bottom line on this - and I can't stress this enough - your email list is your most valuable asset. It's long been observed that the size of your mailing list and the number of mailings to it majorly determines your income.

What too many don't know is that in the current marketplace the nurturing of the list is now the key factor that realizes that income. And that doing 1) above badly misuses and dramatically weakens the potential value of that list.

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What’s all the Fuss about Internet Social Media for Musicians?


These days you pretty much can’t go anywhere without hearing about social media – Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, ReverbNation and an ever increasing number of social media sites and tools that musicians can reportedly use to bring them success.

What’s the real truth about this?

Well, the answer is that yes, it is indeed very possible for musicians to create tremendous success and a very good living by intelligent use of these and the many online tools springing up to help them do so, but is it a walk in the park? And can it all be done online?

The truth is that it really does take work researching and getting to the point where you know what you’re doing with these tools. Just like anything, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it and the more you learn about it, the more control you can have over your career.

And the truly smart acts combine offline promotion with their online promotion and they use one to feed the other.

A really successful online campaign must excel in three major areas:

1) Building the online fanbase for the musician or band and really being in communication with that fanbase
2) Building a database of emails of those fans and regularly sending them information that they value and that builds their loyalty to you
3) Converting that loyalty into money that is exchanged for your music and merchandise

There is a lot more than this of course but if only these three things were done and done well, an act could live very well indeed.

As this blog grows I’ll be going into considerable detail on the above and the many other ways that musicians can use social media to grow their brand. I’d also love to hear what you’ve found successful and unsuccessful.

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