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The Top 4 Mistakes Most Musicians Make Online


Sending emails to their mailing list only or mainly when they want to sell something or get people to a gig or other event.

Here's the bottom line on this - and I can't stress this enough - your email list is your most valuable asset. It's long been observed that the size of your mailing list and the number of mailings to it majorly determines your income.

What too many don't know is that in the current marketplace the nurturing of the list is now the key factor that realizes that income. And that doing 1) above badly misuses and dramatically weakens the potential value of that list.

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Why is Search Engine Optimization so important?

Many people don't realize this but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key thing that underpins all successful Internet Marketing campaigns. In fact, one of the biggest factors that determine whether you succeed or fail with an online marketing campaign is the keywords you target (see my "The 2 Biggest SEO Mistakes that Musicians Make" blog article for information on how this often gets messed up).

Why is this? Well, the basis of any Internet Marketing campaign is to get more traffic to your web site so that you can then build your emailing list, which is itself a major key to converting your fanbase to happily buying customers of your music and merchandise, and having the correct keywords can give you a very major advantage in this.

Many people don't realize that keywords should be used not only at your web site but in your blog posts, your on-line articles, videos, links from other sites and yes, even your tweets and Facebook posts, as well as anywhere you appear on-line.

On top of that, many musicians make the mistake of building their web site first and then end up having to rebuild it after they've done their keyword research because they didn't realize how important the content layout and keyword placement is.

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