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“This was such a stellar and simply amazing seminar! It was genius how you took such a complicated subject and made it simple and easy to understand. My whole viewpoint on marketing and social media has expanded and I “get it” now! This was such a necessary and vital seminar and the simplicity of it was spectacular. I’m going to follow the steps that you gave me and avoid making the mistakes that others have made. Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise for the help and growth of other artists!” – Casondra Davis, Las Vegas


“I saw Tony in Nashville and learned a ton of things which I have already started implementing and have increased my success with my Facebook fan page drastically! I will be implementing more of these great ideas in the coming months. This was very current, very relevant information for musicians and indeed any artists.” – Sean Dennison at Caribbean seminar


“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tony’s social media seminar is geared to musicians but the techniques work for all artists, businesses and charities! Attend and bring a friend, Clearwaterians! Even if you’ve been more than once, go again!” Meg Cole, Nashville


Have you wanted to be able to use the web to promote your music but have not really known what to do that would actually work to get you more fans and more sales?


Have you been confused or overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possible things to do? Or you didn’t know where to start? Or what were the actual best things to do?




Would you rather spend your time on your music and not on marketing yourself?




Claim your rightful share of the your market before some other possibly less-talented musician does – attend the Secrets of Online Success for Musicians Seminar on Sunday, May 5th from 2 to 5pm at Voicercise Studios at 2675 Concorde Court, Clearwater, FL 33761.




The result of two years of intense research, this seminar, which has been delivered all over the world, covers the exact activities being done by the artists who are being successful expanding their careers via the Internet and is now being delivered in Clearwater.




And it will actually give you the exact step-by-step sequences of actions you need on a comfortable workable runway to move your career to where you’d like it to be!




And to not get left in the dust by the others who know the information covered in this seminar.




This interactive seminar/workshop will give you an overview of everything that musicians – or any artists and even non-artist businessmen – need to do or get done to create success using the Internet.




Areas covered include:






• What’s really going on in the old music business and what you can do about it




• The exact strategies being used by successful Internet marketers




• How to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and others effectively without becoming overwhelmed and having it take all your time




• How to get others to help you with this




• How to use the Internet to make music your full-time career




• Why most musicians build their websites completely backwards in terms of what’s needed and how to fix this




• Some of the best sites for musicians and how to use their tools




• How and why to make blogging work for you




• The very fastest ways to build your fanbase




• How to nurture your fanbase to build incredible loyalty




• How to create irresistible offerings that will drive your fans to buy what you have to offer and give you a great living from here on out




• How to use tools like podcasts, GoogleTV and others




• Online distribution






This information puts the artist in the driver’s seat of his career and the lack of the knowledge contained in this seminar is the exact reason for lack of real results using the Internet.




If you’re really serious about your music career, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to find out how you could give up your day job and do music full-time.




If you pay at the seminar, the cost is $35.




But if you pay today, your cost is only $20 – a 40% discount!


100% money-back guarantee – if you don’t feel that the seminar was worth more than you paid for it, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

You can see some testimonials here:




You could spend years trying to research and find out all this information for yourself – now you don’t have to.




Seating is limited so act now to reserve yours at this very low price that could open the door to really worthwhile earnings as a musician!


SPECIAL BONUS: For those who’d like it, an optional free one hour consultation with Tony to look at the best implementation of the tools to your specific situation.

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In 1995, before there was any talk of social media, music producer Tony Rockliff created Cybertown, an on-line community of people from 155 countries interacting in a 3D Virtual Reality off-world town set about 100 years in the future.




Cybertown grew to 1.3 million members and was receiving 1.5 billion hits a year at the point when Tony sold it to new owners. Between 1995 and 2002, there was hardly a month that went by when Cybertown wasn’t featured on a TV show or in a magazine somewhere in the world.




It also attracted partnerships with USA Networks Sci-fi Channel, Sony Interactive, Intel, Hallmark Entertainment, SETI, Centropolis Entertainment (producers of “Independence Day”, “Godzilla” and “The Patriot” movies), Warner Brothers, Star Trek and others, and was growing at a rate of 400% per annum at its peak.




Tony has been the featured speaker on the dynamics of Internet social community building at conferences all over the world. Tony is also an accomplished record producer and recording engineer who has worked with many well-known artists.







Tony spent a couple of years researching the web as it relates to promoting musicians and analysed what exactly the musicians who were being successful on the web were doing. He also sought out and found what he feels are the 5 top web music promoters as mentors, the ones who were getting results and who basically agreed with each other on what was workable, based on their experience, even if they put their own individual spin or area of expertise on it.




He attended their many seminars and webinars, bought and studied their courses and their books, subscribed to their newsletters and blogs and became an information sponge so that now you won’t have to spend the enormous amount of time he took getting to grips with all the information that he’ll be presenting on February 23rd.




Don’t miss out – use PayPal or your credit card now at the button below and secure your seat.

How did you hear about this?




2pm-5pm, Sunday, May 5th

Voicercise Studios
2675 Concorde Court
Clearwater, FL 33761


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