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7 Facebook tips that you probably don’t know and that may be costing you…

1) It’s been found that the optimum number of posts per day on your fan or business page is 1 to 2 and literally that more than that (i.e. 3) drops user engagement (likes, comments) by up to 40%. So don’t cross-post your Twitter posts as it will take you over the optimum 1-2).

2) According to Hubspot, using an automated tool like Hootsuite to create content for Facebook future auto-publishing drops user engagement by 67%! Fortunately, Facebook has added their own option to publish ahead of time.


3) Many people think that all their fans see their posts but Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm makes it actually around 15-20%. Its based on those you’ve interacted most with and the amount of engagement your posts have received (less than 6% of fans typically engage via likes, comments etc.).

4) Of that 15-20%, after 2-3 hours your post no longer shows up in their feeds.

5) Facebook is making it harder and harder for you to effectively engage with fans – unless you pay them.

6) However, some tests have shown that an investment of only $15 in their “Promoted Posts” option can result in 10 times more fans seeing the post.

7) Use Promoted Posts for posts that you feel will get strong engagement – for instance, posts with photos or images get far more sharing (89%) than those with videos or just links (both 4%).

I hope you find this information helpful.


How Many Here Want to Get a Record Deal or to “Get Signed”?

My question to you is, “Why on earth would you want that?”

As someone who spent decades in the old and dying music business, I can attest to the soul-destroying horrors that most artists experience there. Only a tiny percentage of those signed actually make any money and they subsidize the thousands who only end up owing the record company money and selling their souls in the process.

If the record company spends a couple of million dollars recording and promoting you and you only get paid a few percent of record sales royalties, how many records do you think you have to sell before you see a dime? With less and less people buying CDs these days, it’s a lot! And when was the last time you saw a record store?

But the worst thing as far as I am concerned is that so often corporate committees who only care about money decide what you should record, who you should work with, how you should look etc. In other words, you’re forced to violate your integrity as an artist daily. No fun!

How is the music business dying? Well record industry veterans are getting laid off left and right and CD sales continue to drop. And most music industry people are at a loss when it comes to knowing how to use the Internet to properly promote a band.

A friend of mine had 5 number one records in England and made a total of $5,000. When he left his label and promoted his album on the Internet he sold 4,000 copies (which would have made him zero if he’d sold that few with a record label), but he pocketed $60,000 from those 4,000 sales by being his own label.

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The Music Business
"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." - Hunter S. Thompson
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