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Successes | Indietrak



“This was such a stellar and simply amazing seminar! It was genius how you took such a complicated subject and made it simple and easy to understand. My whole viewpoint on marketing and social media has expanded and I “get it” now! This was such a necessary and vital seminar and the simplicity of it was spectacular. I’m going to follow the steps that you gave me and avoid making the mistakes that others have made. Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise for the help and growth of other artists!” – Casondra Davis, Las Vegas


“I saw Tony in Nashville and learned a ton of things which I have already started implementing and have increased my success with my Facebook fan page drastically! I will be implementing more of these great ideas in the coming months. This was very current, very relevant information for musicians and indeed any artists.” – Sean Dennison at Caribbean seminar

“Soooo good!! I am gonna do so much more on the Internet, and I saw the things I was doing wrong. Thanks!” – Louise Dubiel, Denmark


“I am so overflowing with thanks for this. This was the most practical and helpful data – and presented so as to make perfect sense – that I’ve ever gotten.


It has been the most useful and exciting marketing seminar ever. Tony, if you hadn’t delved to the bottom and scouted around so intelligently through the realms of social media, and discovered the people who’ve forged the brilliant successful actions, and organized this data, these finds, into an understandable, duplicatable presentation – if you hadn’t, I doubt that any of us would be able now to DO what needs to be done.


The effort to find out all this and make it cogent and comprehensible and comprehensive was clearly prodigious.


The area once formidable to me is now quite approachable.


This was a life-changing seminar – NOW I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!


Thanks so much for caring and using your brilliance, genius and amazing helpfulness to such good effect to put this together for us. It opened the doors wide to everyone’s success.


THANK YOU!!” – Evan Symonds


“Although I’m not currently recording any of my own music, the data was incredible and gave me a lot of new ideas about what I could be doing to promote myself, as well as others.


I’ve been through other Internet marketing training, but this is the first time I felt I could go out and implement right away.


Awesome stuff!” – Kurt Enget


“Tony, your Internet marketing seminar is fantastic. I can imagine that you’ve condensed 1000’s of hours of research down into 6 hours of usable facts and actions that a musician can use to play and be successful in today’s market.


I think it’s impossible for an artist to be creative, try to run their business and have time to sift through all the information that you did to come up with these answers.


Great seminar today…very powerful. Thank you.” – Tom Godfrey

“Totally what I needed! This was fun with lots of data and easy to understand. It was beyond awesome.” – Rhonda LaRoy, Seattle

“This data is amazing! It gives the tools to be at cause over your own career. Thank you!!” – Jessica Greenwood, Nashville

“Incredible seminar! Unreal ideas and tips, could not have expected all this. Can’t wait to incorporate these techniques. Thank you!” – John Lane

“This was great! Thank you, Tony! You have given me a lot of great ideas and a viable plan for an outlet for my music with your detailed hands-on data from a guy who knows. I’m very excited about the possibilities. Thank you so much!” – Brian Fester, Nashville

“This was really neat! There are so many tools online that it can be overwhelming. It was great to find out which ones were the truly valuable ones and it helped me see how easy it is to make a living out of all of them and promote my music.” – Jordan Berg

“Wow! This was amazing in depth and value. It was true data in a realm where there is so much confusion! I can’t wait to employ some of these tools for my art! Thanks, Tony, this was great!” – Dan Eddington, Nashville

“Incredibly detailed and informative seminar! It broke all the overwhelm down into basic steps and I feel very empowered and enables to tackle this type of marketing for real and to make a huge impact! – Michael Brett. Las Vegas

“I’ve heard endless SEO/Marketing things but THIS tied it all together and evaluated it with the salient points for musicians that are real to me. I loved that there was no B.S. salesy crap internet marketing – it was awesome – LOVE IT!!!!” – Erik J. Martin, Los Angeles

“It was great! I learned the right tools and how to use them. The best was I learned what is important to utilize in social media to help my art. Everything was Great!!” – Adriana Pinaya, Bolivia, South America

“There is so much to learn about the music business on the Internet and how musicians can make an income with their website without the use of a record company. Thank you Tony for making it so simple – you are awesome!” – Sandra Santiago, Los Angeles


“I’ve been wanting this information for a long time and didn’t know where to get it. Absolutely wonderful and life-saving for all artists.


Thank you Tony for caring and helping other artists survive.


Much love,” – Zita


“I found the seminar filled with practical steps that are easy to do but so unique that I’ve never heard of any of them before! It was exciting to get such great info. We came home and began implementing the steps right away.


It was so jam-packed full of excellent info that will definitely increase a musician’s financial situation as he creates his fan base. It’s a 1-2-3 follow the dots program and enables a musician to become successful for real! Lots of great strategies and easy to do.


Plus  Tony’s British humor was an added bonus : )


Thanks so much!” – Doreen Smith


“This seminar was absolutely great. I had data (somewhat) on web pages, Facebook, blogging, but now I feel:


A) More confident to put together a 1st web page that gets email addresses.

B) A handle on how to use Twitter to flood people to my site that are my core audience.

C) How to handle the emails to sell CDs (the staggered launch data was killer).


Once again, Tony delivered a great seminar in a highly communicative and laid back way that really got the data across.


Thanks, Tony!” – Greg Smith


“Man, what a load of info – and help – I’m full of all things tweet and am quite betwixted.


So much info well delivered—-I was up to my eyeballs and felt like one does after a sauna and a massage—dreamy etc.

However as a bit of time passed and I recalled all of the info I was more and more excited and enlightened with the help you delivered.

This is really going to work—-alright then!

I am happy to be out of the vocalist closet and into the real world of Internet promotion–thanks again


I will use this for myself and the band to really kick it up.


We have a great market to take our music to!


Thanks, Tony.” – Troy Delaine


“I learned what possibilities are out there for getting my music to many more fans, and how the new music business model is heading in terms of selling music, etc. and having more communication and community with artists and their fans.


Especially valuable to me was the part about goals, and how to set up a website properly. I will have to wrap my wits around the social media part of it and decide how to go about getting people to know about me and my music. Thanks a lot, Tony! I look forward to perusing the eBook and applying this.” – David Rosenfield


“(Besides handling my back pain), my success is that at the end of this day because of this seminar I can confidently approach my web sites. I finally know how things tie in. And understanding the basic approach (fanbase, nurture, convert) has made this a doable project. (and fun!)


Thanks, Tony.” – Ray Armstrong


“I want to thank you. You definitely got me thinking. This seminar opened my eyes to the possibilities available to help me start a successful music business.


My first step will be to update my web site to be more customer focused.


Second, I will become more involved with my Facebook and ReverbNation sites. This seminar has shown me that it’s easy to do it if I take a little time and effort to do it.


This is the information I have been looking for to get going.


Tony, thank you very much. Your presentation was excellent.” – Larry Stephen


“There is a lot of new info to expand my knowledge in this subject. It has usable applications and realtime info to put to use immediately.


The website info has opened my eyes as has the blog info and Twitter twext uses. I am going to take to heart and build off of the education that Tony has put out here.


A lot of info in a short time, worth every penny.” – Chad “Wild”


“The seminar was power-filled and extremely informative. Tony’s presentation was clear and very easy to follow. As a person who isn’t selling music, I found much relevant information I can use in my business.


The presentation never lagged, and the time went by too quickly.


Thanks, Tony.” – Al Koehn


“Through this seminar, I gained an understanding that I can create a successful business promoting and marketing my artistic endeavors over the Internet.


Besides, I’ll really be in communication with my fans and have a lot of fun.


Tony put an incredible amount of research and organization into the workshop. It’s outstanding!” – Elyse Van Breemen


“Tony opened my eyes to the reality of a simple person like me being able to mass-market an idea that could possibly change the nation or the world. I am shocked that such powerful media/mediums exist.


I shall be busy for the next several weeks and months looking into these.


Thanks, Tony! Nice job!


Look forward to working with you in the future and taking over!” – Kevin Quinn


“This is an excellent nuts and bolts seminar that any artist could use to forward their career.


It gets down to the exact “how to” with examples and I feel if an artist actually uses it they could without a doubt achieve success with their material.” – Michael McGahee


“This class was educational and informative. Tony is a huge asset with a great amount of knowledge that he has accumulated with his research. Although so much information can be somewhat overwhelming, Tony is great about breaking it down and making it digestible.


Thank you, Tony!” – Bart Delaney


“Tony’s command of the details for Internet marketing is impressive. His step-by-step approach helps make a complicated subject digestible.” – Dave Dube


“This was great info.


I came here to learn what I could about marketing but I also revitalized my own purposes as a musician!
About Tony: http://indietrak.com/blog/about-2/

Tony’s blog: http://indietrak.com/blog/

Tony’s Seminar: http://indietrak.com/blog/ctseminar/

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